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The Agenmar Group is a leading International Logistics Service Provider and Freight Forwarder, consisting of four subsidiary offices in Spain, and numerous representative agents on all continents. 


The Agenmar Group began in 1967, in the cities of Valencia and Madrid, consolidating its position from 1974 incorporating Barcelona and the city of Tarragona like own offices. In its beginning it was centered essentially to the marine activities, reinforced with other own ones of the marine business like charterings, transits for traffics by highway, railroad. Finally it has been extending the activities with the office of Customs and the advising in the international trade, marine consigments, warehouses...

At the present time, the Agenmar group has a multinational dimension with offices in several countries and continents, besides to cover all the national territory, able to offer all type of logistic solutions to its clients, that allow them to compete and to operate in a globalized market.

At the moment the group is immersed in a process of expansion and growth with the objective of extend the existing markets and of the opening of new offices outside the Spanish territory.

The Agenmar group, is dedicated fundamentally to the International Freights and the proper activities of logistics operators. The experience acquired during the last 30 years, has allowed us to create and develop an infrastructure of national and international resources with properly qualified and efficient personnel in order to satisfy all the needs of our clients.
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