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Asecomex  Company was funded in 1988, it was born as a Custom Agency, even thought without leaving aside the rest of the activities related to Exterior Commerce.In 1997, Asecomex, S.A, did important investments in goods, purchasing  facilities in an industrial zone in Coslada (Madrid).

In this department store they have a customs area fairground fitted with the media that permit us have an important position in this sector. In a continuously changing area, influence by politics and economical process and the new incorporations from countries of the European Union, the services companies, have to improve and progress and adapt to the changing necessities of our clients.

This is the constant encourage of Asecomex, S.A., where customer service, has become the strategic objective of our business, being this one of our differentiation keys.
The market constantly changing and the advance in communication systems, motivate businessmen request services of “outsourcing” which consists in employing a third person who will do the functions that before they were doing themselves.
We propose that this “outsourcing” can be done by a company like Asecomex, S.A., the aim is to intend to offer full logistic integrated services needed in any company. The last but never the least, Asecomex S.A. has been certificate by E.C.A(Certification and insurable company), since 1999, in agreement with the insurable quality  system rule UNE-EN-ISO 9002-94.
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